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What is a content management system (CMS)?
- With the help of lots of readers and knowledgeable folks, I've developed this quick-and-dirty table that outlines the basic requirements of each CMS... The table includes a limited selection of CMS entries from a limited number of vendors active in the field.
cms.filsa.net, cms.filsa.net
- A resource for those of us who use, build, and purchase content management systems.

Includes two presentations:

  • Choosing a Content Management System - The content management decision is often clouded by marketing mumbo-jumbo and a narrow focus on CMS vendors. In reality, content management must be a people-centered process. I talk about the landscape of content management, and then identify several practical steps to help you make the right choice for you and your company.
  • Focus on XSL - XSL is a great technology for applying design to content. Here I place it in the context of other templating approaches (static and dynamic), talk about the important link between design and content, and suggest tips for integrating XSL into a production environment.
(I'm sure these are both good and hope to see them myself someday! Unfortunately, both presentations are available in you choice of Microsoft powerpoint or a Microsoft only version of HTML; neither works on Mozilla or Netscape. - cfm)

The ArsDigita Community System
Version 4.6 and above in Java and XSLT. This is what we're bolting on to MaineStreet's existing CMS for the next generation of tools.

The Panda Book: Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
Explains why someone would want to do all this work.

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