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Mon Jun. 11
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Classifieds online

The MaineStreet Business Listing is an Internet version of the classified business listing found in many local newspapers. Your business name, address, text and logo appears within the pages of your local newspaper publishing online with MaineStreet. Customers online will be able to find you in views sorted by town, by category (Standard Industry Classification) or by keyword.

The listing page itself is not really a web site but more of an enhanced business card placed online. It includes the name and address of your business, a small image ( probably a logo ), and 25 words or so of text. The MaineStreet Business Listing is appropriate for small contractors, in-home or part-time businesses, and as a contact point for businesses that don't feel the need for more elaborate advertising. When someone sees your listing on a page with a news story, they can jump to the more complete information on your listing page.

Get your MaineStreet Business Listing by ordering it through your local newspaper publishing online with MaineStreet. Your listing will appear within the pages of that online edition and in other relevant sections of the MaineStreet pages. For instance, a plumber listed in Gray will appear when a MaineStreet web visitor searches for information about the town of Gray in our map/search section.

The MaineStreet Business Listing is $25 per year, payable through your local online newspaper. Simply fill out the form provided by your online newspaper representative, provide the information requested in the checklist and your business listing will start appearing in that publications' online edition within a few weeks.

The MaineStreet Business Listing is simply that, a directory listing containing information made accessible to anyone over the Internet. It does not provide you with Internet access or an email account. If you need those services, MaineStreet can recommend a good provider in your local area.

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