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Mon Jun. 11
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The MaineStreet Internet Brochure

MaineStreet Communications, Inc. can develop an Internet Brochure for your company or business.

The Internet Brochure consists of three pages of text: the Welcome (home), About and Contact pages. Every page includes your logo, up to three photographic images, your name, phone number, business and an email address.

The Internet Brochure exists for one year from date of completion.

Your World Wide Web address of will be http://WWW.Maine.Com/YourCompanyName

We supply you with an email address of YourCompanyName@Maine.Com, forwarded to your existing email address.

The Internet Brochure is the foundation of your online advertising presence @Maine.Com.

We create an icon from the material you give us for your Brochure. The icon appears in rotation with other icons on the Maine.Com top page, and appears, also in rotation, in the various newspapers, magazines and publications that are part of the Maine.Com publication partners program. Each of these icons, and our directory listings, hyperlinked directly to your Internet Brochure.

Your Internet Brochure will be listed in the Maine.Com directory along with other Maine businesses.

Since your URL is not case sensitive, you can use capitals so it is like your business name, eg., http://WWW.Maine.Com/CharlieBeiggsFoods.

How it gets done: You send us the stuff in outlined in the checklist below, we build it, and it's done.

You will receive a hardcopy printout or fax of your Internet Brochure when it's finished. MaineStreet will correct typographical errors if notified promptly (10 days). Other changes will be done on hourly or incident-fee basis.

Advertising Rate: $500 annual fee

Checklist of materials for Internet Brochure

Please, we need all your information at one time in order to create your brochure. Please be sure to include all the information in the checklist.

Please send copies only. If you need your materials back, include a stamped, self-addressed mailer.

  • Two or three photographs, no transparencies or negatives please.

  • Logo, either as digital clipart, a letterhead or business card

  • Up to three typed pages of text. We would greatly prefer it on a diskette. We cannot use handwritten copy.

  • All the text information that will appear on your "HOME" page. Who you are, what you do, what makes you unique.

  • All the text information that will appear on your "About" page.

  • All the information that will appear on your "CONTACT" page. Include your address, email, business location, all relevant phone and fax numbers, business hours and anything else a prospective customer would need to know.

    To order a brochure or get more information, email Nancy King, Dispatch@Maine.Com

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