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MaineStreet Communications publishing services

Electronic Publishing and Related Internetworking

MaineStreet focuses on electronic publishing, online catalogs, database driven web sites and auxiliary advanced network services like mailmaps, firewall/gateway servers, `push mail' lists, and EFT. MaineStreet specialize in the `Internet Glue' and the process and workflow organization required to integrate an online presence into a business's day-to-day operations.

Scalable and Maintainable Services

MaineStreet provides a hierarchy of publishing services ranging from `Internet Brochures' and `Single Product Order Forms' to full fledged dynamic web sites linked real-time to client databases.

Everything But the Dialup

MaineStreet does not offer dialup access accounts; excepting our advertising programs, clients need to have one or more reliable access providers to take advantage of our services. MaineStreet provides and remotely maintains firewall/gateway boxes for RoadRunner or dialup networks.

Robust, Open Systems Solutions

MaineStreet implements cross-platform, open-system solutions. Our own operations depend on network resources and services running on robust Linux servers located at our office in Gray, Maine. Other than our own local libraries and scripts, all of our systems code is freely available under a variety of public licenses. Developed with the full intellectual tradition of UNIX, hammered, and supported by hundreds of thousands of contributors worldwide, the systems we run are the best available.

Publishing with MaineStreet

MaineStreet uses its own tools to build and maintain the Journal of Maine at WWW.Maine.Com. Visit that or one of our other content partners to see how MaineStreet applies its database publishing tools.

Excepting high-volume, high-traffic sites able to justify their own machines, MaineStreet serves customer content directly and manages customer DNS records and mail on shared servers.

MaineStreet's Content Partners Program

If you or your organization publishes or wishes to publish a regular journal, paper or directory or operates a broadcast outlet, you may want to discuss with us our Content Partners Program. You mus agree to help us sell - advertising, catalogs and other internet marketing services built around the content you provide. This is open to:

Newspapers, both free and paid

Our `Content Partners' program is not a free lunch. You will likely incur significant internal costs supporting your committment. You will need to run flyers or advertising in support of the site and your staff will spend time promoting it to your own clients. While all of MaineStreet's publishing tools will be available as part of the package, MaineStreet will charge you for custom work, some training, and office integration on your side.

Business Publishing

Even if your business sells product and services, not content per se, MaineStreet will still use the advanced tools from the Content Partners Program to maintain your Business Site economically. On an ongoing basis, you should provide us as much of your content as possible in digital form. MaineStreet will manage your site as you wish on a fee for service basis with the same publishing tools:

Database interfaces: SQL and ODBC
Online catalogs and ordering
MaineStreet's site builder
Network file systems, secure IP
Policies and marketing assistance

You will need to assign a staff person at least quarter time on an ongoing basis to manage your end of such a project.

Nancy King, rainmaker@Maine.Com.

Internet Brochures and Single ProductOrder Forms

Many small businesses simply need to be publicized and found. For those businesses, MaineStreet offers a 3 page `Internet Brochure'. Call us up, we can even take the basic information over the phone. (You will want to send some pictures too.)

Other businesses with a select, small product line will want the brochure and a `Single Product Order Form' so that customers may order online directly.

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