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Mon Jun. 11
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MaineStreet Communications, Inc.

MaineStreet provides the internet services, expertise and experience that Maine businesses and organizations need to thrive online. Our core expertise is helping small businesses to develop and implement internet strategies companywide. That's the web site, the email, the intranet, the electronic commerce, the marketing and the workflow.

The Gray News
The Gray News
Maine Lobster Direct
Maine Lobster Direct
White Mountain Puzzles
White Mountain Puzzles

MaineStreet was Maine's first local internet service provider. We own and operate www.maine.com. Go there to find publications like The Boothbay Register or The Maine Antique Digest or to select products from catalogs ranging from rare first edition books to high tech marine finishes and lobsters.

Speak to us about how we can help you do business online.

MaineStreet staff typically works with the owners and general managers of our client firms. We help our clients integrate their operations with new internet technologies: internet/intranet/extranet integration, database publishing, content management systems, online catalogs, interactive CGI scripting, and internet marketing tools. Unlike most ISPs, we spend a lot of time in our clients' shops because none of the technology matters unless it works for you.

MaineStreet relies on standards based protocols and Open Source software; we are a 100% Linux, Microsoft-Free zone: the best business decision you can make for IT. When you are ready to dump your legacy Windows systems for linux, talk to us.

"We've had our business site with MaineStreet going over 2 years now. Its been great having worldwide, 24 hours/7 days a week of low cost advertising. Its been profitable, in fact, its worked better than mass mail and trade journal ads on a percentage of cost versus return. MS's response time with technical questions and on-site assistance has made a difference for us.   - Bill Seidel, Food Product Development Company"

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