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Mon Jun. 11
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Job Offerings @ MaineStreet

We are looking for part time help in a number of areas. Employees receive full benefits through our employee leasing service.

MaineStreet is a profitable, high productivity environment and we expect all employees to be self-starters and self-directed. Everyone at MaineStreet works a flexible schedule.

Marketing Intern

You will be on the road and in the office meeting both new and existing customers. You will also be generating and following business leads in new communities as MaineStreet expands, doing demonstrations, phone sales, and customer support. You must be familiar with the wide range of possibilities and capabilities of the Internet in general. You will be helping our customers use the Internet as part of their marketing mix and you will be on the front line handling their inquiries, followup, and support.

UNIX Systems Administrator

You must be familiar and capable with many of the following in no particular order: Kerberos, Linux, firewalls, INN, Sendmail, UUCP, Perl, Xyplex terminal servers, C, SQL, GRASS, bash, and shell scripting, X, GNU and open system software in general. You will document your work!!! You will have relatively limited contact with our customers; this is back office work.

If you think we can pay you what you're worth, forget it, but Maine is a great place to live! ;^)

MaineStreet is an affirmative action employer: those with Macintosh or Linux experience will be favored.... ;^)

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Dispatch, dispatch@maine.com, or by phone at 1.207.657.5078.

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